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  • Model: KW-5044/H-LG

ENDY EXHAUST SYSTEM                                                                 LEGEND


The LEGEND muffler model is the specific exhaust range of the brand ENDY Exhaust System with a vintage style, ideal for Café Racer motorcycle models. This muffler integrates naturally to the aesthetics of the bike. This silencer is only available for certain motorcycle models.

- QUALITY: Stainless Steel AISI-304. The silencer body is finished polished with carbon terminals.
- PERFORMANCE: Internally, it is designed to improve significantly the performance of the bike, the maximum power has a lower number of revolutions, so we get much more acceleration of the engine at the time of departure. All the silent interior is protected by high strength fiberglass.
- SOUND: Sound is one of the main characteristics of this range. It offers a more serious sound than the original. It has removable DB Killer to modify the sound of the silencer.
- The collector sections are designed specifically for each motorcycle model. This design is made to be assembled to the original collector (except the models that are indicated in full line), in this way we guarantee the optimal performance of the power curve of each motorcycle model. The quality of these collectors are manufactured in AISI-304 stainless steel.
- Approximate weight: 2.9 kg.
- This exhaust range consists of the European approval (97/24 / CE of June 17, 1997).


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