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  • Model: MX-3014/H-N

ENDY EXHAUST SYSTEM                                           EVO 2.1    BLACK

The EVO 2.1 BLACK  is the range, full exhaust models designed specifically for maxi-scooter with 4 stroke engines.

- The exhaust is made ??entirely of AISI-304 stainless steel and the muffler is finished with black  look.

- It has a carbon protector.

- Internally, it is designed to significantly improve the performance of the scooter, the maximum power is at a lower speed, so we get a lot more acceleration of the engine at the time of departure. All the silencer interior is protected by fiberglass high strength at 1500 °.

- Sound is another aspect that improves with this exhaust system, giving a deeper sound. System has db killer (sound plug) or fixed.

- The tranches of collectors are designed specifically for each bike model, this guarantee the best performance of the power curve of each bike model.

- The approximate weight of this product are 3.2 kg.

- This range includes exhaust with European approval (97/24/EC of 17 June 1997).

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